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Build instructions

  1. Open a terminal, clone the repo and start the script with this command:

    git clone --depth=1 && cd depthboot-builder && ./
  2. Follow the instructions inside the terminal.

  3. Flash the created image file to a USB drive/SD-card using Etcher, dd or any other tool. If you are using Rufus, read this first.

    • If the script was run within Crostini, copy depthboot.bin to a folder that is accessible from ChromeOS's Files App, then flash it using the Chromebook Recovery Utility extension.
  4. Open the ChromeOS shell by pressing CTRLALTT, type shell and press Enter.

  5. Inside the ChromeOS shell enable USB and Custom Kernel Booting by pasting the command below and pressing Enter.

    sudo crossystem dev_boot_usb=1 dev_boot_signed_only=0
  6. Reboot with the USB drive/SD card plugged in and press CTRLU or select "Boot from external disk".

After a black screen Depthboot will boot.

  1. Please consider starring the depthboot repo on GitHub to help us reach more people.